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Mayer Waterfront Park

Bonneville Dam, Oregon

Mayer Park was endangered by the planned rise of the reservoir at Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River at peaking level. Retained by the Corps of Engineers, Portland District, F.E. Jordan Associates designed all necessary features to permit full park usage at the higher river elevations. These modifications included the design of a new boat launching ramp, parking area, service road, swimming beach area and other features.


Switzer Channel Bulkhead Replacement

San Diego, California

Storm Drainage

F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. was requested by the City of San Diego to design a section of major storm drainage channel handling peak flows of up to 800,000 GPM. The scope of work for this project included hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, engineering investigations, bulkhead design, preparation of specifications and construction inspection.


Flood Control & Water Conservation District

Alameda County, California

Flood Control Channel

JA was retained by the District to develop various feasibility concepts and alternative plans for flood control along Elmhurst Creek located in the urban industrial areas of the City of Oakland, California. Five alternatives are being developed with feasibility and planning studies, technical and economic analyses, cost estimates, cost-benefit analysis and public participation.


Stanwood Levee

Stanwood, Washington

Flood Control Levee

Jordan Associates was selected by the Corps of Engineers, Seattle District, to design and prepare plans and estimates of a two and one-half mile levee to protect the City of Stanwood from Stillaguamish River flooding. This project also included construction of a tide gate, a double culvert and retaining walls.


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