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Lower Mokelumne River Project

Lower Mokelumne River, California

FERC License Application EIA

Spectrum Northwest, a subsidiary of F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc., under contract to the engineering firm of Anderson-Nichols, Inc., prepared the environmental impact analysis for the licensing by the Federal Energy Resources Commission (FERC) of this East Bay Municipal Water District (EBMUD) project.


This assignment required detailed on-site evaluation of the existing wildlife habitat and the project's potential to disturb buried archaeological materials. The project is designed to increase hydroelectric generating capacity at one dam (Pardee) and to develop new hydroelectric generating facilities at a second dam (Camanche).


Rio Bravo Ranch

Bakersfield, California

CA FERC License Application EIA

Under contract to Anderson-Nichols, Inc., the firm discharged all of the environmental analysis, liaison and documentation requirements associated with development of a new hydroelectric generating facility in the Kem River north of Bakersfield.


The firm's activities included supervision of field archeological and terrestrial blots surveys, liaison with affected regulatory and planning agencies and preparation of the environmental impact assessment portion of the license application.


Camanche Hydroelectric Plant, Lower Mokelumne River Project

Calaveras County, California

In conjunction with Sverdrup and Parcel, San Francisco, F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. provided design services for a new 10 MW hydroelectric plant at Camanche Dam. The power plant consists of a reinforced concrete powerhouse structure containing three generating units of vertical Kaplan-type turbines driving synchronous salientpole type generators with a maxium plant capacity of 10,600 KW. The new plant cost was $13.5 million. The plant is owned and operated by the East Bay Municipal Utility District and constitutes a major part of the District's power and water system.


Pardee Hydroelectric Plant Addition, Lower Mokelumne River Project

Calaveras County, California

At Pardee Reservoir a new third unit, located on the right abutment of the dam, consists of a vertical Francis turbine rated 13,800 hp at 305 feet net head, connected to a generator with a maximum capacity of 9,900 KW. This structure will be an outdoor type with a turbine floor and an electrical equipment floor below the grade level generator deck. Annual generation will be increased by approximately 16.2 million KWH to 102.6 million KWH. Estimated construction cost is $4.5 million. Project was in conjunction with Sverdrup and Parcel.


Tuolumne River Watershed

San Francisco, California

Systemwide Hydroelectric Power Study

F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. participated in a comprehensive study to develop alternatives for increasing the hydroelectric generating capacity of the Hetch Hetchy Water and Power System on the Tuolumne River and its tributaries located in the Yosemite National Park and Stanislaus National Forest. This included site location, layout and cost estimates of proposed facilities including financial and economic feasibilities and computerized power operation studies for determining power output of existing and proposed facilities.


Pelton Wheel

Death Valley, California

F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. was commissioned by the U.S. Park Service to conduct a feasibility study and design for the reactivation of a Pelton Wheel hydro-electric plant. This wheel is to provide power, principally for lighting, in a resort of 5,000 peak population.


Geothermal Power Plant


JA participated with the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, University of Califomia, Berkeley, in the planning and conceptual design for a 10 MW geothermal power plant in northern Nevada.

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