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Airport Runways

San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco, California

Aircraft Parking Apron B


The project, Master Plan Project #5401, includes the construction of an aircraft parking apron to serve the new Boarding Area B hub structure at San Francisco International Airport. Incidental to the project are drainage and other utility improvements. The apron consists of concrete hardstands with asphaltic concrete transitions to existing taxiways. The apron is designed to accommodate the mix of airline aircraft operating at Boarding Area B, as well as temporarily accommodating airlines operating at Boarding Area A during construction of Boarding Area A facilities. F.E. Jordan Associates, in joint venture with P&D Aviation, is providing project management and engineering. The project cost was $14 million. 



Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles Int'l Airport

Runway 242-6R 


The Los Angeles International Airport required complete engineering services in connection with certain necessary improvements at Runway 242-6R. The 10,285 sq. ft. runway, built in 1958, needed to undergo reconstruction due to pavement cracks and loosened chunks caused by jetliner weight. F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. participated in the pavement condition survey, completed preliminary design, final design and construction management for rebuilding of the entire runway. The project was completed at a cost of $14 million.

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