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Feasibility studies  |  Environmental assessments  |  Preliminary design  |  Cost estimates

Configuration development  | Structural type studies  |  Final design plans

Specifications  |  Construction management 


    For more than 30 years, F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. has developed as a multi-discipline, minority-owned professional corporation engaged in engineering, planning, construction management and research, organized and staffed to provide a full range of technical and management services in response to the requirements of projects throughout this country and overseas.

    The firm has executed a comprehensive range of services on a variety of projects - from small buildings to complex airport facilities, and from single site designs to urban development, water resources, energy, transportation and environmental projects. The firm has worked on over 7 international airports and 15 local and regional airports.

    One of the keystones of F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. operations is the multi-discipline approach to planning and design, which has allowed the firm to merge the professional disciplines of architecture, civil, structural, sanitary, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and environmental engineering. This team approach enables the firm to take a project from inception through construction, thereby providing the most effective balance among aesthetics, design and economy.
    F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. appreciates your interest. Click on the button to the left to see some of our past airport projects, or contact us for more information.

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