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Feasibility studies  |  Environmental assessments  |  Preliminary design

Cost estimates  |  Configuration development  |  Structural type studies
Final design plans  |  Specifications Estimates
Construction management  |  Inspection  |  Analysis & ratings

    F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. is a transportation-oriented firm. An important area of our transportation services is our specialty in providing comprehensive bridge engineering services for federal agencies, state departments of transportation, local government agencies, railroads and private industry. 
    Over the past 30 years, F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. has completed numerous bridge projects across the United States and Africa. Concrete, prestressed concrete, steel and timber bridges have been designed and inspected by our bridge specialists. Some bridges have been in urban environments, others have been located in remote areas and in national forests. Our bridge specialists offer experience in short span, long span, fixed and movable-highway and railroad bridges. Bridges of all types have been designed for automobiles, railroads, transit, pedestrians, utilities and even horses. F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. is one of the leading designers in the nation on the design of bridges for earthquakes and enjoys an international reputation for revolutionizing the design of piers and wharf structures. 
    In addition to the services listed above, F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. also provides bridge inspection, analysis and rating services for repair or reconstruction of the nation's older bridges. The firm has utilized over 20 of the latest computer programs on its structure design in the various parts of the country. Our designs are original and innovative, developed by our bridge specialists to meet the needs of Jordan Associates' clients.
    Click on a button above to tour some of our past projects, organized by transit type, or contact us for more information.

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