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Wastewater Management

San Francisco Wastewater Management Master Plan

San Francisco, California

    Implementation Project EIRsSan Francisco's multi-billion dollar master plan consists of a comprehensive series of construction (implementation) projects which include: treatment plants, sewage collection and transport facilities, and solid waste end mangement facilities designed to reduce the City's historic pollution of San Francisco Bay. In addition to participating in preparation of the overall EIR/EIS, S/NW managed the production of seven master plan implementation project ElRs


Tri-Cities Sewage Treatment Plant

State of Oregon

Environmental Impact Assessments

    F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. prepared a comprehensive environmental assessment as part of a 201 Facilities Plan for a regional sewage collection and treatment system serving: Oregon City, West Linn, and Gladeston in the State of Oregon. Alternative systems were evaluated with particular attention to: site locations, sludge disposal methods, residual chlorine toxicity in receiving waters, and other water quality implications. A regional facility was determined to be the superior solution as the output of an innovative cost/benefit evaluation procedure


San Francisco Bay Area Regional Wastewater Reclamation Study

San Francisco, California

    F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. is part of a broad professional team which assessed alternative means of reusing treated effluent from Bay Area treatment plants. Potential identified uses included: industrial cooling and heavy oil extraction, agricultural and landscape irrigation and salt-water repulsion to protect the environmentally-sensitive Suisan Marsh and lower Sacramento Delta areas. JA's participation has included analysis of: energy requirements, water quality impacts, economic effects, potential institutional arrangements, and several other major contributions to the project EIR.


Sonoma County Wastewater Reclamation Project EIR

Russian River, California

    F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. assembled and managed the diversified team of enviromental specialists for this sub-regional wastewater managment proposal. The proposed project was designed to protect and enhance the beneficial uses of the Russian River while providing a stimulus to local agriculture which is currently limited to dry-farming practices. The recently certified EIR addressed economic, public health and sensitive cultural materials concerns.

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