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Muni Metro Lightrail Extension to Mission Bay

San Francisco, California

F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. was retained in joint venture by the City of San Francisco to design a major extension of the city's lightrail system from the downtown Embarcadero Station Turnaround Facilities one mile to the $2 billion Mission Bay Development.


This extension begins at the turn-around terminal at the Embarcadero BART/MUNI station, continuing at-grade, and run south along the Embarcadero to Second Street, turn west on King Street and end at Sixth and Berry Streets. This surface extension is constructed on top of an existing large channel outfall consolidation box sewer structure extending along the waterfront. Major project elements consist of trackwork, traction power, overhead system, passenger platforms, trackway lighting, communications systems, utility relocation, pavement design, and sewer structure analysis. The overhead power system allows speeds up to 45 mph for a Boeing-Vertol second generation lightrail vehicle two-car train.


F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. provided a project director and project manager, as well as all civil and structural engineering. The project cost was $36 million.  The firm received an unprecedended design award from the City and County of San Francisco.  


Market Street Subway & Turnaround Fsz

Market Street Subway

San Francisco, CA

Market Street Subway & Turnaround Facilities

San Francisco, California

F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. was involved in the planning and preliminary civil engineering design of the Market Street subway track extension and complex turnaround facilities for the San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni). The preliminary engineering accommodated the new "Lightrail" vehicle and the construction, to take place in one of the most urban areas in San Francisco, over the Embarcadero Subway Station facilities of the Bay Area Rapid Transit System. The estimated cost was $80 million.


Guadalupe Corridor Analysis

San Jose, California

The Guadalupe corridor encompasses over 75 square miles of Santa Clara County, including portions of the Cities of San Jose and Santa Clara, California. F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. was engaged to evaluate the environmental, social, economic, and engineering feasibility of several alternative transportation networks within the corridor and to recommend a preferred alternative. Six systems were analyzed. They included various combinations of lightrail vehicle lines, busways, expressways, and extensions of commuter rail services.


A team of consultants was selected to conduct various portions of the project. F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. was primarily responsible for analyzing selected areas of social, economic and environmental impact. The firm prepared a comprehensive land use inventory and forecast for the various alternatives, concentrating on community services and accessibility to physically and economically disadvantaged persons.


F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. also prepared economic forecasts for the various alternatives, assessing changes in sales tax revenues and land values in the project area, and an economic efficiency analysis for each system considered, which compared cumulative net cost (total annualized cost less fare revenues) with the present worth system benefits (parking cost, vehicle costs, savings in travel time, etc.).


AC Transit Corridor Transportation Alternatives

Berkeley & Oakland, California

The AC Transit District provides bus service throughout the East Bay. In 1990 the District authorized studies that will primarily concentrate on the feasibility of conversion of some of the business corridors in Oakland and Berkeley to the Lightrail System Corridors. F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. provided conceptual engineering, right-of-way analysis, and costestimating for seven corridors in the West Bay of the AC Transit District. The studies will primarily concentrate on the feasibility of conversion of some of the business corridors to Lightrail Systems Corridors. DKS Associates, Inc. was the lead firm.


I-5/I-110 Corridors Los Angeles, California

Alternative Transit Modal Analysis

As a sub-contractor to Wilber Smith and Associates, F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. participated in the evaluation of alternative freeway alignments and modal configurations for application in the I-5 (Santa Ana Freeway) and I-110 (Harbor Freeway) corridors that serve Los Angeles. F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. participation included the preparation and validation of patronage projections for alternative modal configurations and preliminary assessment of anticipated social and environmental impacts.



Sacramento Lightrail System

Sacramento, California

F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. provided construction inspection and construction management activities for the civil and trackwork construction on the 18.1-mile, 28-station Sacramento Lightrail System. The firm was primarily involved in the Central City areas and Arden Way to K Street in association with general engineering consultant, Foster Engineering, Inc.


Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)

Los Angeles, California

Green Line (I-105)

Under agreement with CalTrain District 59, Division of Structures, and the Los Angeles MTA, F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. provided construction management for the following four stations over a three-year period: I-105/Vermont Transit Station, I-105/Norwalk Station, I-105/Wilmington Station and Long Beach Transit Station.



Tasman Corridor Lightrail Extension

San Jose, California

The Tasman Corridor Project is an extension of the existing Guadalupe Corridor Lightrail Transit System. Generally traveling west to east, the West Extension of the Tasman Corridor Project will begin in the downtown portion of the City of Mountain View, pass through the City of Sunnyvale, and connect with the existing northern terminus of Guadalupe Corridor Lightrail Transit System near Great America Parkway in the City of Santa Clara. The East Extension of the Tasman Corridor Project will extend east from North First Street in the City of San Jose, pass through the City of Milpitas and terminate just past Interstate Highway 680 in the City of San Jose.


The majority of the West Extension of the Tasman Corridor Project will be at-grade, with the exception of approximately 800 to 1,200 feet which will be depressed in the area south of Moffett Field. A large portion of the East Extension will be on an aerial structure, including approximately 10,000 feet of lightrail double-track between Interstate Highway 880 and Lundy Place.


The project will include approximately 12 miles of new double-track construction, 18 new stations, and improvements to an existing station. A lightrail crossing along the East and West Extensions will be at-grade unless otherwise specified.


F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. provided the value engineering on the bridges, structures trackway and utilities.


Honolulu Rapid Transit System

Honolulu, Hawaii

Value Engineering

F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. with Foster Engineering, Inc., provided Value Engineering prior to completion of Phase I preliminary design on this approximately $2 billion project. The system is for lightrail vehicles on an on-grade separated right-of-way, 16 miles of elevated guideway with 21 stations and one below-grade station. Alignment is entirely through developed urban areas. The purpose of the study was to seek potential areas for significant construction cost savings without reducing functional performance and to provide improvements in service to the public. A number of value engineering proposals and design comments were developed in the fields of civil, architectural, structural and systems design. F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. provided Value Engineering- Structural, with a focus on guideway design (superstructure and substructure) and station facilities design.



San Francisco Muni

SF Municipal Fleet Maintenance Facility

San Francisco, California

Muni has proposed the planning, design and construction of a new maintenance complex at the Islais Creek site and the rehabilitation of the existing Woods Facility. The Islais Creek Complex will include a central maintenance facility with provisions for heavy repair of 500 motor coaches, paint and body work for 500 motor coaches, 300 trolley coaches and 200 lightrail vehicles, a centralized storage/warehouse, and administration offices. In addition, an operating division for 190 motor coaches is to be constructed on the same site.


The existing Woods Facility is proposed to be mod)fied from a central maintenance facility/ operation division to an upgraded operating division for 190 motor coaches. A new Revenue Center and Ways and Structures Facility with a special machine shop will be constructed on either or both of the sites. The project, as conceived, is divided into five phases as follows:

Phase I Functional Analysis, Conceptual Engineering and Operational Planning

Phase II Detail Design at Islais Creek

Phase III Construction Services/Start-Up at Islais Creek Phase

Phase IV Detail Design at Woods Facility

Phase V Construction Services/Start -Up at Woods Facility

F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. serves as civil and structural engineers for this $100 million project. Civil engineering work includes site demolition and development, trackway, rail, road design, parking, utilities, piers and surveying.



San Francisco Municipal Railway

San Francisco, California

Annual Consultanbt - Open End

F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. was retained on an annual basis for four years to provide professional engineering and project management services for the various departments including the San Francisco Lightrail System, Cable Car System, and Diesel and Electric Buses. The design and field investigations included track work, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, power distribution, fire protection, communication systems, and maintenance.


Muni Lightrail System

San Francisco, California

Track Engineering

F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. in association with Gannett Fleming, Inc., was engaged to provide specialized technical services for trackway design and field inspection for the MR-9l9 Muni Metro Lightrail System and the San Francisco Cable Car System. The maintenance, inspection and design project covered the entire San Francisco Municipal Railway System as well as the Cable Car System.


Muni Transit Equipment

San Francisco, California

This project involved a two year effort by F. E. Jordan Associates, Inc. and Booz-Allen & Hamilton as consultants to Muni, to organize many of Muni's ongoing projects and develop a staff for the Transit Equipment Engineering Department. Some of these projects include preparing specifications for Advance Technology and Articulated Buses, a "Receptivity Study" investigating the capacity of electric trolley buses to generate electrical power, and evaluating Auxiliary Power Units for trolley coaches to operate "off-wire". Jordan Associates also accomplished the diesel bus specifications, with responsibility for the Auxiliary Power Unit Demonstration Project for Trolley Coaches, and responded to Trolley Coach problem reports.

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