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Pump Stations

    F.E. Jordan Associates' experience with pump stations is both varied and far reaching. We have designed pump stations for clear water, stormwater, domestic and industrial wastewater, sludge, chemicals and other fluids.

    Our experience includes pump stations with variable speed and constant speed centrifugal pumps, rotary pumps and screw pumps. We have provided our clients with simple packaged pump stations, and designed complex multi-pump stations.

    Our structural engineers have designed many different structures for our stations. Some have included caissons, others have required pile supports. Our expertise at F.E. Jordan Associates also includes the ability to analyze existing pump stations, and recommend cost effective measures for renovation as well as design of new stations.

    In these projects, as in all our work, we strive to provide economic solutions consistent with our individual clients' needs for degree of reliability, level of maintenance, operation costs and comparability with other related planning. Our staff is especially cognizant of the need to provide a total system approach for the design of pumps and pump stations. Power sources, energy utilization, aesthetics, type of materials, noise and vibration control, safety and ease of maintenance are just some of the factors that our staff considers important in each and every design.


Offshore Chemical Transfer Pump Station

San Francisco, California

Feasibility Studies & Preliminary Engineering

The firm prepared phase one feasibility studies and preliminary engineering for a chemical transfer station 3,500 feet offshore in the Pacific Ocean and 1,200 feet from the San Andreas Fault. Seven thousand tons of chemicals would be pumped to onshore storage facilities at the 300 MGD Southeast Treatment Plant.


Primary Effluent Pump Station

San Francisco, California

The Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 64 MGD primary effluent pump station with a total design head of 25 feet. The facility requires three 72-inch diameter 30°, inclined screw pumps, 125 HP each, bubbler controlled. The facility contained a pile design in high water table soil.


Influent Pump Station, Nampa Wastewater Treatment Plant

Nampa, Idaho

JA prepared construction documents for the 18 MGD influent pump station for the Nampa Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project consisted of three 38° inclined screw pumps with different diameters and heads to save pumping costs.


Willakenzie Pump Station

Eugene, Oregon

    The Willakenzie Pump Station conducts the major flow from the City of Eugene, Oregon, across the Willamette River to the Eugene/Springfield Regional Treatment Faci lity. The existing station of 32 MGD capacity was upgraded to 74 MGD. This was accomplished by major rehabilitation of the existing station including modified pumps, motors, drives, a new control system, odor control, and HVAC system.

    A new 42 MGD station was required to achieve the total 74 MGD capacity. Each station has independent and interconnected wet wells operating in parallel with by-pass capability to each station. The existing control room was enlarged and completely re-equipped to provide total control of each station in addition to the emergency generator, and fuel supply and warning system. Variable speed drives are used with a total of five (5) pumps of 75 and 300 HP at 94 feet TDH.


S.W. Ocean Outfall Pump Station

San Francisco, California

    F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc. participated in mechanical studies and preliminary engineering on a 1,000 MGD pumping facility to handle wet and dry weather flows of the city of San Francisco.


Kenmore Pump Station

Seattle, Washington

    JA prepared a 201 Facilities Plan for the Kenmore Pump Station which serves the northern most area of the Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle's sewage service area, north and east of Lake Washington. The existing station, a 13 MGD facility, was frequently exceeding capacity, and had severe ragging problems which were causing extreme maintenance difficulties. The station was upgraded to 21 MGD and the severe maintenance problems were eliminated.


Secondary Effluent Pump Station

Nampa, Idaho

    This is a 18 MGD station with three 66-inch diameter 30° inclined screw type pumps with 60 HP constant speed motors, at 15 feet TDH. JA prepared complete construction documents for this important facility including mechanical, structural, electrical, and instrumentation design.


East Palo Alto Pump Station

Palo Alto, California

    Modifications to an existing pump station were accomplished to increase the capacity from 8 MGD to 13 MGD at 60 feet TDH using two 8 inch variable speed pumps, 7 MGD each, 125 HP.


Effluent Pump Station

San Jose, California

    JA prepared contract documents for the Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, San Jose, California. Structural design on the effluent pump station at this 143 MGD activated sludge facility was also accomplished.


Offshore Chemical Transfer Pump Station

San Francisco, California

    Phase one feasibility studies and preliminary engineering for a chemical transfer station 3,500 feet offshore in the Pacific Ocean and 1,200 feet from the San Andreas Fault were prepared. Seven thousand tons of chemicals would be pumped to onshore storage facilities at the 300 MGD Southeast Treatment Plant.


West Irwin Pump Station

Eugene, Oregon

    The existing pump station of 16 MGD capacity was upgraded to 21 MGD by the addition of one more pump unit. Impellers and drives of the two existing pump units were changed. Control, instrumentation, mechanical and electrical power systems were rehabilitated or replaced. An additional electrical power generator was installed. The resulting station is a 21 MGD, 250 HP facility with variable speed drives at 110 feet TDH.


Belle Haven Pump Station

San Mateo County, California

    Construction documents were prepared for this 24 MGD storm water pump station. The project was aesthetically and environmentally designed for its location in a middle income neighborhood.


Seattle Police Academy Pump Station

Seattle, Washington

    A provided design and preparation of contract documents of a 2 MGD storm water pump station at 30 feet total design head.


Research Laboratory Lift Stations

Berkeley, California

    Plans and specifications for two lift stations serving a research complex at the University of California, Berkeley, were prepared.


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