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Coastal Facilities

Commerce on the rise.

The need for coastal facilities has risen dramatically in the last decade as commercial, industrial and recreational needs place more burden on our world's waterfront.


In this area of its practice, among Jordan Associates' primary objectives is to meet the needs of our many coastline concerns, and to provide adequate protection to lives and property in the event of flood. This aim is met through a comprehensive, in-depth approach involving planning, engineering and architecture, with serious consideration given to the economic and environmental impacts on our most valuable coastline areas.


The firm offers its expertise for a full range of coastal facilities:


Walls and Bulkheads




Breakwaters and Seawalls

Dikes and Levees


Offshore Structures

Channels and Mooring




F. E. Jordan Associates' extensive coastline planning and engineering experience ranges from coastal flood insurance studies to the design of a chemical transfer station, all of which reflect the broad capabilities of the firm's staff in the realm of coastal enterprises.

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