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Off Shore Facilities

Offshore Chemical Transfer Pump Station

San Francisco, California

Phase one feasibility studies and preliminary engineering for a chemical transfer station 3,500 reef offshore in the Pacific Ocean and 1,200 feet from the San Andreas Fault were prepared. Seven thousand tons of chemicals would be pumped to onshore storage facilities at the 300 MOD Southwest Treatment Plant.


POL Pump Station, Point Molate Tanker Terminal

Richmond, California

F.E. Jordan Associates, Inc., in a joint venture, provided engineering services for upgrading of facilities at this U.S. Navy fuel depot at Point Molate. The project included design of a new pump station consisting of five electrically-driven centrifugal pumps with a total of 3000 HP and the design of a 2000 S.F. Operations/Administration building from which docking and unloading operations will be directed and monitored. Fuel from tankers will be off loaded to elevated tanks located on the hillside overlooking the docking facility. New piping and an upgrade of the electrical system at the site will be pro- vided in order to accommodate the new pump station facilities.


Southwest Ocean Outfall Project

San Francisco, California

Two major marine tunnels, or underwater pipelines, of up to 13 feet in diameter carry sewage through a hostile marine environment across the active San Andreas Fault, one and one-half miles out in the Pacific Ocean. JA was part of the design team for the final sub-system of the City of San Francisco's management plan which will cost approximately $80 million. Also included in this project is the design of an 11-ft. diameter overflow system supported by batter piles carrying the flow to an overflow chamber, where it is discharged into the Pacific Ocean near the tide line.



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